How Wifi Is Adapting To New Version Numbers

How Wifi Is Adapting To New Version Numbers

For the past many years we all have never known exactly how wifi specification system works, most of the normal internet users had never thought how wifi routers or signal speed/range differs from generation to generation,

if you have ever had an eye over your wifi router specs, you will be able to see some jumbled digits & letters such as “802.11a, or any other letter such as b, g, n, ac”

these random digits & letters have been known for the identification for wireless standards,

these different digits & letters have been always there from years to identify the wifi system,

such 802.11a/b was in the year1999, 802.11g was in the year 2003, 802.11n was in the year 2009 & the present era wifi have 802.11ac from 2014,

these digits & letters were always confusing for the normal people who all noticed it, so they ignored it & use to get the latest model router in the market which has good speed & can be used on the most devices but technically no one knows how the wifi is classified through these set of digits & letters, like how letter ‘g’ is efficient then letter ‘a’ & vice versa for all letters,

but now Wifi alliance has made it easy they have started to give versions sequence for each of these set of digits & letters,

the present era wifi is version 5 which is 802.11ac from 2014 & so on all other sets got their own versions such as 802.11a from 1999 is WiFi version 1, 802.11b from 1999 is WiFi version 2,  802.11g from 2003 is WiFi version 3, & 802.11n from 2009 is WiFi version 4,

but the first 3 versions have been ignored by wifi alliance as those versions are too old & outdated technology to be counted,

the only versions, for now, to be counted will be Wifi version 4, 5 & all other upcoming Wifi versions 6 & so on,

by giving versions to wifi the wifi alliance has made it easy for people to differ the efficiency between wifi versions compared to another version, the higher version digit will be the efficient wifi then the lower once such as version 6 will be better than version 5 in the sense of speed, no of devices, range of wifi & supporting higher resolution videos,

the wifi alliance doesn’t want just hardware changes, but also the view & interface of wifi around all the devices, phones, tablets, laptops, everyone will soon get the new wifi logos, with mentioning which version of wifi is available around to select so you can choose the best version for better performance,

the wifi alliance expects the following change on large scale,  It won’t be an immediate effect but slowly with time industries will be implementing the term,  will be beneficial for both consumer & industries.


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