How To Update New Facebook User Interface | Get Facebook New Design | Android FB Update 2019

How To Update New Facebook User Interface | Get Facebook New Design | Android FB Update 2019

I will be showing how to get new facebook user interface on the Android app,

Facebook is been well known & popular social media platform it provides users the ability to adding friends, send messages, create posts, updates, creating pages, manging businesses, like & dislike other posts  & share them with people around the world,

the reason Facebook is the most used social media platform as Facebook always been keeping their platform & apps up to date & so recently facebook has done major changes on their platform which is still rolling out slowly for everyone on their phones, but who haven’t got yet, we will show how to do so,

as you all can see the old & new user interface side by side,

you can spot the difference clearly, what is been changed in the interface, that is the top section of the app, the header,

the design is whiter in the top header, Facebook has removed the blue color, and the icons are given contrasting look.

let’s move to the tutorial, on how to get the new user interface,

close the facebook app, & you have to connect to a VPN, I would recommend Avira, Nord or any VPN, which provides free trial with all the locations unlocked,

once you are into the VPN, connect to any location in the USA, & then make sure your device location has been masked, to the VPN location,  by checking your location,

now you have to clear all the data of the facebook app, including files, settings, accounts, databases, & cache, these all will be permanently deleted, so if you are logged into multiple accounts on the facebook app, kindly note down all the account details, so you won’t miss them,

& once you have cleared all the data, close the app & reopen it, that’s it you will be able to see the new user interface of the facebook app,

now just turn off your VPN & you can recheck the app if the new user interface is still visible or not,

depending on the facebook accounts, you may see the difference between the icons on the header, as the following account has Facebook Gaming icon,

& here is another account, which is having Videos & Facebook Marketplace Icon,

so you can’t request or say which account gets which of the icons, they just appear depending on the user usage,

hope I have explained each & everything clearly, leave your comments & doubts in the comment section, don’t forget to like, share & subscribe our channel for much more videos, & if you want to connect or contact us, just head over to below of the description, thank you for watching this video.


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