How To Unlock Any Windows With Fingerprint | Android Windows Unlock | Easy Way

How To Unlock Any Windows With Fingerprint | Android Windows Unlock | Easy Way
Unlock Any Windows With Fingerprint

Hello, Welcome to Cursed Brains, In this following video, I will be showing how to unlock windows vista, 7, 8, or 10 using your Andriod device.

In the age of biometrics scanning  we all are aware of windows hello which lets you unlock your Windows PC remotely via a fingerprint scanner or iris/eye scanner, but the people who don’t have the hardware support to use Windows hello fingerprint,

the following method let the user unlock their laptop or desktop using your android fingerprint, all you have to be sure that you have a good android device with precise fingerprint unlock scanner/reader & the device must be connected to the same wifi router as your laptop or desktop is connected,

the method used in the videos is just easy & simple working through a WIndows fingerprint module & remote fingerprint unlock Andriod app, the module installed on your computer run a script whenever you scan your fingerprint through the app installed,

as the app asks you to store your windows account credentials which makes the remote fingerprint unlock Andriod app to send a data packet having the windows account credentials, the only thing you need to do is make sure both your System & device are connected to the same wifi network,

things you need is a fingerprint enabled Andriod device with Android 6.0 or above, Windows computer with Vista, 7, 8, 9 or 10 & it should be connected to same Wifi router as your Andriod device is connected to,

you have to download & install the remote fingerprint unlock windows module on your computer, so you can connect your Android device with  the computer, I will leave the download links, for both 32 & 64-bit version,

now install the module you have downloaded through the links, you have to create firewall exceptions for TCP/UDP, by clicking “Yes” & grant permissions requested by the remote fingerprint unlock windows module. once the installation completes just finish the process & close it,

now you have to install the android app from play store, Remote FIngerprint Unlock by Rusu Andrei, once the installation completes, you have to lock your system by pressing Windows & letter L simultaneously & you will be able to see the Windows lock screen,

next is get into the remote fingerprint unlock android app, to scan your PC using the Wifi option, click on scan

then click on, by scanning, the third option, which scans your computer connected to the same wifi your mobile device is connected,

you will be able to see your computer name, just click on it & a new window will come for adding your computer profile. just leave everything as it is & save the account,

now in the next step, you have to add the Windows login credentials, which is used by you to login into your account,

once you complete adding the credentials, you will be asked to verify your fingerprint, just do it & you will get a session ID, which should match with both of your devices if it doesn’t do not proceed & make sure they are matched.

now all steps are done, & all we have to do is just test if the app is working, get into the unlock option from the right-hand side if everything is correct such as your credentials & session id. you will be able to unlock your computer using the app.

the app even has Pro subscription, which has much more features unlocked, such as you won’t get any ads, you can unlock the computer using the LAN support, you will be able to add as many as computers you want to, or even multiple accounts per computer,  you will be able to add widget of the app on your home screen to easily unlock your computer, so you don’t need to get into the app every time you unlock your computer, even you will be able to create launcher shortcuts, & much more features will come in the future.

hope I have explained each & everything clearly, leave your comments & doubts in the comment section if you want to connect or contact us, just head over to contact us page, thank you for visiting the blog,


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