How To Uninstall Phoenix OS – Easy Way – Windows Dual Boot

Uninstall Phoenix OS

In this video, I will be explaining How To Uninstall Phoenix OS through the easy way

Phoenix OS is an Android 7.1 based OS for experiencing android Nougat/N environment over your Windows PC/System/Computer or laptop,

Phoenix OS is similar to android emulators but phoenix OS gives smoother experience compared to emulators with no lags & glitches, many Phoenix OS users have even said that this is the best replacement to remix OS which is also an Android OS, so it makes Phoenix OS be the best Android operating system,

In this video, I have Uninstalled Phoenix OS hassle-free with no much steps,

You need to  get into ‘This PC’ from desktop & find the drive where you installed Phoenix OS if you want to know ‘How To Install Phoenix OS’ I have made another video on it,

Here’s the link –

get into the drive & click on the folder named ‘Phoenix OS’ now inside the folder you will be able to see some files & an exe file named as ‘uninstaller.exe’ click on that exe file & you will see a popup asking reason for uninstalling phoenix os, just select any of reason which feels you relevant,

That’s it your done with uninstalling Pheonix os successfully, all the files & folders related to phoenix os will be removed entirely from your PC,


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