How To Root Any Android Device – Magisk – TWRP – Samsung On7

In this video, I will be explaining How To Root any Android device using TWRP & magisk on a Samsung Device On7 Pro,

Magisk is mostly been around to be known as a “systemless” root method. It’s a vital way to alter the Android system without actually changing anything it. Altering are stored securely in the boot partition rather of altering the actual system files.

(TWRP) Team Win Recovery Project is an open-source program custom recovery image for Android-based devices. TWRP provides a touchscreen-enabled interface with a limited material design that let end users flash or install any third-party firmware and take back up of the present system/ROM which are functions generally unsupported by stock recovery images.

So I have used TWRP custom recovery to flash magisk on my Samsung on7 Pro it takes 10-15 mins for the entire process to be completed,

First, download the Magisk latest Manager & Stable version of magisk from XDA forum,
Link –  TWRP Download –
Magisk Download –

Now you need to copy paste both of the files into your device storage or external storage & then Install magisk manager onto your Android device,

as the magisk installation completes you will see a red cross with written as ‘magisk is not Installed’ & will get a popup asking to ‘Install Magisk’ just click on ‘No Thanks’, then boot your device into the TWRP mode by pressing Volume Up + Power + Home button of your device,

once you get into TWRP mode you will be able to see several options from those select ‘Install’ & then you need to search  for the stable version of magisk you copy-pasted into your device storage or external storage & flash it to your device,

always remember to keep your device charging more than 30% before flashing anything onto your device,

once the magisk stable version flashing is completed successfully click on restart option given below & after restarting get into magisk manager to check if its installed or not perfectly,

then to confirm your device is been rooted properly or not you need to install root checker from play store & grant it root permissions, you will be able to see as ‘Congratulation Root Access is properly installed on this device’  if everything went properly,

that’s it now your device is completely rooted using magisk & twrp now you can do anything you want by giving root access to any apps,


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