How to Reset Forgotten Windows 10 Password | Administrator Password Recovery | Command Prompt

How to Reset Forgotten Windows 10 Password | Administrator Password Recovery | Command Prompt

I will be showing how you could get into Windows 10, if you lost your account password, I will be showing by creating an alternate admin account, to copy & recover files or reset the lost password,

I’m not accountable for any misuse of this method, as it is a safety measure in an emergency, so kindly don’t use this method to infiltrate someone’s privacy, getting into other systems without owner concern, it may lead you to serious legal problems,


privacy has been a major part of technology from the beginning for computers, cell phones & internet, every part of technology has privacy which needs to be protected,


the first line of protection is always been with password & with multiple devices, there will be multiple passwords to be remembered as every password must be strong & different than other it gets difficult to remember all of them,


in these multiple passwords sometimes, we may forget one of our passwords making our device & accounts to be locked out with all our important data in them,


as Windows is one of the major operating system used widely for computers, with time Microsoft has evolved from windows dos to windows 10, in the part of evolution they made the windows more protected with multiple methods such as passwords, pins & external drives,


most of the times when resetting a password for windows, people think it needs much high-level knowledge & skills to get the access back, in this case, you are the only owner with physical access to the system, so it doesn’t need any repairman to be paid for resetting your password,


you can reset your Windows password easily & for free with the help of a Windows bootable drive,


you must replace the ease of access with a command prompt, the ease of access on the windows login screen helps with the use of assistive settings,


replacing the ease of access will help in creating an alternate admin account to reset the password of your forgotten windows 10 admin account & data recovery,


Reset Windows 10 Admin Password –

Create Windows Bootable Device –


you need a USB drive with windows 10 flashed on it using the Media Creation Tool, just a side note, you can use the following method on windows 7 & 8 also.


get into the boot menu, clicking the respective key such as f12 & select the USB drive, you will see windows 10 installation settings ignore it & click shift + f10 to open the command screen




Replace Ease of Access File with Command Prompt –


now using the command prompt, I will show how to replace the ease of access with a command prompt follow these command lines & replicate,


[ move c:windowssystemm32utilman.exe c:windowssystem32ultiman.exe utilman.bak ]


you may see an error mentioning ‘the system cannot find the path specified’ if you encounter this error try each drive letter until you locate the correct drive letter,


to make it quick click the up arrow it will copy the above code & you just need to replace the drive letter,


[ e:windowssystemm32utilman.exe e:windowssystem32ultiman.exe utilman.bak ]


the following command will rename the ease of access file utilman.exe with another name utitlman.exe.bak to replace the command prompt in its place,


[ copy e:windowssystem32cmd.exe e:windowssystem32utilman.exe ]


this command will copy the command prompt file & rename with ease of access file once the steps are done reboot the system with the following command.


[ wpeutil reboot ]


Create a new Admin Account


& the ease of access options has been replaced with the command prompt, from here below commands will create a new admin user on the system, to recover data, or reset the lost password,


[ net user (username) /add ]


the first command creates a user & the second command will make it an admin you can name the user with anything you want in my case I named it as a backup,


as account creation is done exit the command prompt & restart the system for the user to be visible by entering


[ exit ]





Reset Lost Local Admin Password –


a new user is been created named as a backup sign-in into it, now I will show how to reset the lost password.


using Windows key, + R open run & enter the following command to open user accounts


[ netplwiz ]


in the user accounts you will find all the user accounts on windows, the difference between the local admin & email connected account is you can reset the password for the local admin account, but you can’t for the email connected account, below you will see how to recover data from the email connected account


sign out from the backup account & check if you can sign in through the new password for the local admin account you can now access all your personal data from all the folders,





Recover Data from Email Admin Account –


to access & recover data from an email connected admin account if in case you can’t reset the password of the email or you don’t have access to the email connected to the account.


get inside the user account through the c drive of the system & users folder depending on the user data it will take time to open be patient as you get in you will get access to all your data from that user account, copy them to the backup account,








Remove / Delete Command Prompt from Login Screen –


now after everything is done remove the command prompt from the ease of access menu so others can’t get access to your system you need to get inside the windows & system32 folders where the command prompt & the ease of access files were replaced & renamed.


find utilman.exe rename & replace those files with their original names, you can use the search option to find the ease of access & command prompt files,


the command prompt file with utilman.exe name needs to be deleted & the original ease of access file must be renamed to its original name from utilman.exe.bak to utilman.exe,


before renaming the file make sure to get permission to rename the file by getting into properties & security then advanced & then transfer the ownership to one of the admin accounts you have access to,


FYI – in case your admin account is connected to an email you can regain access by resetting the password on the Microsoft website & login with the new password, make sure you are connected to the internet. & visit


that’s it the ease of access has been restored, & the command prompt is been removed, now everything is done, a new admin account has been created to get back into your system, the password has been reset for a local admin account, data can be recovered, for the email connected account through users folder in the C drive.




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