How To Remove UEFI Boot Entries | Clean Dual OS Entries | Easy Working Method

How To Remove UEFI Boot Entries | Clean Dual OS Entries | Easy Working Method

Hello, Welcome to Cursed Brains, In this following video, I will be showing How To Remove UEFI Boot Entries,

Dual Booting is been the most efficient way to access multiple operating systems over a single device,
& in recent days there have been increased in use of android emulators which caused a surge of users in phoenix os & prime os,

so for which it all comes on dual-booting & to do that UEFI mode is been the best way  to use,
as UEFI is great for loading more than 2 OS on the single system in a simple way,

As you can see the following entries of operating system loaders, which haven’t been removed, even after uninstalling the operating system completely from the computer,

let me guide you on how to clean these entries through an easy way,

first, login into windows,

now you need to install VisualBCD software,

Download Link –

& here you can see, all the duplicate entries of Prime OS & Phoenix OS Boot loaders, we just have to delete these loaders to clean the UEFI boot entries,

Just right click over these loaders, to see the option of deleting them from UEFI boot entries,

kindly please keep your presence of mind while deleting these loaders, & don’t delete the loaders which have been preinstalled, such as your system loader & windows, either it may corrupt your entire system, & you won’t be able to boot back again into the primary OS,

Once all the multiple operating system loaders have been removed from the UEFI boot entries, close Visual BCD & restart your system to recheck if everything has been removed perfectly or not.

& you can see all the entries has been cleared out with leaving just windows boot manager to load windows OS,

hope I have explained each & everything clearly, leave your comments & doubts in the comment section, don’t forget to like, share & subscribe our channel for much more videos,


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