How To Install/Flash TWRP Custom Recovery – Samsung On 7 Pro – Any Andriod Device – Odin

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In this video, I will be explaining How To Flash TWRP on a Samsung Device On7 Pro,

(TWRP) Team Win Recovery Project is an open-source program custom recovery image for Android-based devices. TWRP provides a touchscreen-enabled interface with a limited material design that let end users flash or install any third-party firmware and take back up of the present system/ROM which are functions generally unsupported by stock recovery images.

Odin is a utility software programmed and used by Samsung internally. it is used to Install or flash custom ROM’s to any Samsung Android device. users even use Odin for unbricking certain Android devices.

So I have used Odin to flash TWRP on my Samsung on7 Pro it takes 15-20 mins for the entire process to be completed,

You need to boot into download or Odin mode by pressing Volume down + Power + Home button of your device then attach the data cable plugged to your computer or laptop,

once you have plugged your device start the process of flashing TWRP by pressing start into Odin software as soon as you see ‘PASS’ written in bold letters it means TWRP is been flashed successfully,

now remove the battery of your device & get into TWRP mode by pressing Volume Up + Power + Home button of your device,

that’s it now from TWRP mode you can Install, Wipe, Backup, Restore custom rom’s & much more things.


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