How To Get Into Facebook Marketplace – If You Can’t Access It – Easy Fix

How To Get Into Facebook Marketplace – If You Can’t Access It – Easy Fix

I will be showing how to use the Facebook marketplace to restricted facebook profiles,

let me show you, how does Facebook marketplace, look’s like for the profiles, it has access to & then I will show, how to access for the restricted profile,

The Profiles which have access to Facebook Marketplace, have a Marketplace icon in their Facebook navigation, as below picture,

Facebook Marketplace Icon On Navigation
As you click on Facebook Marketplace icon you will be able to see a section of items on sale in your area, with other options such profile icon to see your FB marketplace profile, Sell option to sell items on FB marketplace, local option for the items being sold in your local area, vehicles option for the vehicles being sold in your local area, rental option for the people who are selling & thinking to get house on rent, & there are much more other categories,

Facebook Marketplace  Homepage Of Items - Android
& when you click on profile icon you will see your FB marketplace profile with much options such as marketplace Profile which will have your Name/Profile Picture/Cover Picture & your phone number you added on FB marketplace profile, the next option is Inbox which is for the people who are intending to contact you for the items you sell, or if you contact any person on FB marketplace then their chats will be in this inbox, the next option is ‘Your listing’ which will consist of the things you kept for selling, the other option will be ‘Saved’ will have items you saved from the FB marketplace for later purchase & the last option will be ‘Following’ which will have the people list whom you followed on FB marketplace for more items they going to sell, you will be able to see one more another tab named as ‘Activity’ which has the interactions you did with people on FB marketplace,

Facebook Marketplace Profile - Android
As you click on Inbox you will be able to see all the messages & conversations you had with other sellers or buyers, you can continue those chats from where you left them,
Facebook Marketplace Inbox  - Android
If you click on ‘Your Listing’ you will get into a new tab where you will be able to see all listing you kept for selling & if there will be no listings then you will even have the option to create a new listing to sell anything you are willing to,

Facebook Marketplace  Listing - Android
If you click on create a new listing you will have a page with many options to sell your item by adding pictures, Title, Price, Category, Location, Description of the items you are selling
Facebook Marketplace New Listing  - Android
The next thing you will have is saved items from your FB marketplace feed, whatever the items you saved will appear on this saved page,
Facebook Marketplace Saved Items  - Android
& the last thing will be your following list of the seller if you follow particular sellers whose items you like purchasing frequently you can follow them & in future you will be able to items sold by those sellers,
Facebook Marketplace  Saved & Following List - Android

 there is no actual valid reason, why Facebook hasn’t allowed access to the Facebook marketplace, for each & every profile on the platform, the following profile is of my mother, & so does even my father profile has access to the facebook marketplace, but all of my friends of middle age aren’t having  access to the marketplace, that’s strange.

but facebook marketplace is actually a great place for selling & buying locally, people do earn more than $200-$300 monthly from facebook marketplace,

It’s actually easy to figure out, how to use the facebook marketplace once you get access to it so I won’t narrate everything,

So this was a walkthrough, of the Facebook marketplace for the Facebook profiles who have access to,

Now I. will show how to access the facebook marketplace, through the Facebook profile who are restricted to access,

As you will visit your Facebook profile in the navigation menu, just scrolling down will take you to Settings & Privacy, clicking on it will show ‘Privacy Shortcuts’ option, click on that option,

Facebook Marketplace Setting & Privacy - Android
As you click on ‘ Privacy Shortcuts’ you will get into all shortcuts for privacy settings, scroll down till ‘Your Facebook Information’
Facebook Marketplace Privacy Shortcuts - Android
You will see ‘Your Facebook Information’ tab with several other sub-options from which you have to select ‘Access Your Information’
Facebook Marketplace Access your Information - Android
As you will click on ‘Access Your Information’ option you will get into a new tab with a list of  Facebook Information of your profile that you can access at any time, the ‘Access Your Information’ tab actually serve the purpose of giving information of your Posts, Photos, Videos, Comments, Likes, Reactions, Freinds, Following, Followers, & many other things throughout the years of Facebook you used,
Facebook Marketplace 'Your Information' - Android
As you scroll down you will see the option ‘Marketplace’ with two sub-options ‘Items Sold, ‘Items Bought’ both options serve their own purpose, ‘Items Sold’ – Items you’ve sold on Marketplace, & ‘Items Bought’ – Items you’ve sold on Marketplace, we will check both options one by one,
Facebook Marketplace  Items Sold - Android
As you will click on ‘items sold’ you will get into ‘Your Listing’ which is the same as above I have explained, ‘Your Listing’ a place where all of your listings are shown which you kept for selling, & you will have an option to ‘Create Listing’ which lets you sell new items on your Facebook Marketplace,
Facebook Marketplace Your Listing  - Android
As you click on ‘Create New Listing’ you will see the categories ‘Items’ ‘Vehicles’ ‘Housing For Rents’ you need to choose an option to sell in the respective category, 
Facebook Marketplace Create New Lisitng - Android
& the then as you select any category to sell your item in it, you will see all the options to add such as Photos, Title, Price, Category, Location, Description of the items you are selling
Facebook Marketplace Add Items - Android
Once we are done with the ‘Items Sold’ we can see the other option ‘Items Bought’ which consist of the items which are purchased by you on FB Marketplace, 
Facebook Marketplace Items Bought  - Android
As you click on ‘ Items Bought’ you will get into a new tab where you can ‘Search Marketplace’ for things to purchase in different categories,

Facebook Marketplace Search Marketplace  - Android
As you click on ‘Search Marketplace’, you will get all other options such as ‘Vehicles, Rentals, Buy & Sell Groups’ & All Other Categories,

Facebook Marketplace Categories  - Android
As in the below picture, you can see the ‘Furniture’ category which is having all the Furniture items being sold in the local area,

Facebook Marketplace Furniture Category  - Android

That’s it, that’s how you can access Facebook marketplace for the restricted profiles, hope I have explained each & everything clearly, leave your comments & doubts in the comment section, don’t forget to like, share & subscribe for much more videos, thank you for watching this video.


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