How to Enable Phoenix OS Boot Menu | Not Booting | Boot Problem Fixed | 3 Methods

How to Enable Phoenix OS Boot Menu | Not Booting | Boot Problem Fixed | 3 Methods


In this video, I will show you, how you can get in Phoenix OS when you can’t access it directly through the boot menu, how to show the boot menu on the startup of the system,

Phoenix OS is an Android OS that can be dual boot with the primary operating system, Phoenix OS is used to install and use Android apps on a desktop,

for the past couple of years Pubg, free fire, and other battleground games is been famous on Android and many people want to play these games on a desktop, and Phoenix OS is been the most optimized and fast Android OS around,

but installing an Android OS such as Phoenix OS is been a little tricky which I already covered on How to Install Phoenix OS,

but even after installing many users have and still do face problems such as the found at /dev/sda or Phoenix OS won’t boot at all and users don’t get any boot menu to select the option while booting,

I showed the error & multiple fixes through which you can see the boot menu and get in Phoenix OS,

usually, as we install phoenix OS or any dual operating system, you get a grub menu to select the OS which you want to use, but in this case, we don’t have any grub menu,

First Method –

Get into the boot menu by pressing the respective key for me its f12 & select phoenix OS this is the first method or fix to get in Phoenix OS.

Second Method –

Get in Windows & download this program Bootice –

using this program we will disable windows boot manager which will leave the Phoenix OS boot menu, only to load on startup, the grub menu will be visible to get in phoenix OS,

Third Method –

The following method is specifically done on a dell laptop, so the settings might be different for your system, you may need to check with your desktop or laptop model for similar settings,

get into the boot menu & select bios setup,

in bios setup, you will need to disable windows boot manager & keep phoenix OS selected, that’s it you will see the phoenix OS grub menu,

these are three methods, you can use to fix the boot menu not appearing and get in Phoenix OS, if one doesn’t work, another will work,

once you have achieved getting in phoenix OS, & you want to uninstall it, make sure to reverse these methods, to use Windows boot manager to get in Windows then you can watch my video on How to Uninstall Phoenix OS easily,


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