How to Dual Boot Windows 8.1 with Windows 10 | Easy Working Way

How to Dual Boot Windows 8.1 with Windows 10 | Easy Working Way

People still look for downgrading their windows 10 to 8.1 or dual booting it with Windows 10 & some just want to downgrade just for the sake of nostalgia,

Windows 8.1 the Microsoft operating system, launched on August 27, 2013, & been part of the Microsoft family for 6 years by having an end of mainstream support on January 9, 2018,

in these all years, we have seen so many updates for Windows 8.1 which got carry forward & upgraded to Windows 10, as many programs & software supported for windows, 8.1 got upgrades for windows 10 & can still be used on both operating systems,

the pros of windows 8.1 compared to Windows 10 are it requires a low-end built system & laptops, windows 8.1 have the lowest bloatware from Microsoft making to run faster, boot quicker, restart in a few moments,

the system without SDD has the drawback for Windows 10 making the operating system to run slowly & freeze on a lot of moments, whereas Windows 8.1 works smoothly on HDD built system,

but some of the software got abandoned by its developers leaving it to work till windows 8.1 & not windows 10, so in this video, I will be showing how to dual boot windows 8.1 on existing Windows 10.

How to Dual Boot Windows 8.1 –

Download Windows 8.1 iso from the following link –

Download Rufus to flash Windows 8.1 on a USB drive up to or larger than 8GB –

as both Windows 8.1 iso & Rufus is downloaded, open Rufus to flash Windows 8.1 on the USB drive,

the USB drive will be auto-selected, locate the Windows 8.1 ISO file, where you downloaded it, & flash it on the USB drive,

open disk management, to create a partition, to dual boot Windows 8.1,

create a partition, from any of the drive which you feel, has sufficient space, make sure to be it minimum of 100GB for better performance, now, restart the system. get into boot loader, by pressing the respective key, such as f12 & select the USB drive, you flashed with Windows 8.1,

you will be able to see Windows 8.1 installation settings, follow on-screen instruction, sorry for the low light recording,

Windows 8.1 requires an installation key for activation, you can purchase one unofficially from Amazon or eBay, for your information, you will need a newly purchased key, any old activation key used for windows 7 or 8, & upgraded to Windows 10 won’t work, it will bypass the activation screen, but windows 8.1 won’t be activated.

once you enter the license, you will be able to dual boot Windows 8.1, on the partition you created previously,

make sure, to select the correct partition, or you will risk losing all the data of the respective partition, as Windows 8.1 is installed, a Windows bootloader will be created on startup, helping to choose between both windows versions,

once the installation is done, you must set up a few things, such as user account & settings, & finally, as everything will be done, you can get into Windows 8.1 & use it peacefully,


as windows 8.1 is been installed, check if the primary OS, Windows 10 is working perfectly by restarting the system.


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