How to Delete Dual Boot Operating System | Uninstall/Remove Windows 8.1 | Easy & Quick Way

I will show how to remove or delete Windows 8.1 dual boot. Dual-booting has been an excellent feature letting people boot more than one operating system & using the one is required according to your requirements, every operating system, such as Android, Linux distros & older windows versions can be used as a secondary operating system, but as the use of the secondary operating systems is done, it’s quite heavy for the hard drive being occupied for no use, so, it is also mandatory to remove these operating system properly & correctly without messing with your primary operating system & keeping all your data safe, let me show now, how to remove dual booting of the windows operating with another windows operating system, Check – HOW TO DUAL BOOT WINDOWS 8.1 WITH WINDOWS 10 | EASY WORKING WAY Delete Windows 8.1 Dual Boot – as the device is getting started, & windows 8.1 is still installed with the boot menu, get into windows 10, to remove the windows 8.1 dual boot. just for another confirmation, check the system configuration, with the windows 8.1 dual boot option, now, delete & remove the windows 8.1 dual boot quickly, open disk management & delete the volume which has windows 8.1 installed, as once the volume is deleted, extend the empty volume, into the source of partition. now after deletion, check the system configuration, for windows 8.1 been deleted or not, you will see, there will be only Windows 10 will be left behind, as the default & primary operating system for the last confirmation, restart the system & check with the boot menu removed or not, & that’s it there you will see, Windows 8.1 dual boot is been removed quickly & successfully.

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