How to Uninstall Ubuntu | Remove Ubuntu Dual Boot | Delete Ubuntu Grub 2.0

How to Uninstall Ubuntu  Remove | Ubuntu Dual Boot | Delete Ubuntu Grub 2.0
Ubuntu is one of the well-known Linux distro used by many, as a secondary or primary operating system along with Windows or any other operating system,
as in the last article/video, I showed how you can install & dual-boot ubuntu easily & safely along with Windows,
How to Dual Boot Ubuntu 20.04 | Install Ubuntu With Windows 10 | Easy Safe Installation 
as easy as it is to install Ubuntu along with Windows, so it is simple to uninstall & remove completely from your dual-boot system,
sometimes, we don’t use a dual boot operating system daily but just may need temporarily for any work which can only be done using those operating system & ubuntu is such OS,
as Ubuntu is a Linux distribution it costs nothing to use, the only thing you spend on ubuntu is your time to install it,
one of the ubuntu benefits is to get updates every 6 months with security & privacy if you know how to tweak it,
as much as it provides privacy, ubuntu is easy to use & any normal person who knows the basics of computers can use it,
in the windows, you have Windows Store for day-to-day Apps such as Skype, Visual Studio, Telegram & many other apps, these apps can be installed on Ubuntu too with the help of Ubuntu Software Center,
usually, people, who have less CPU efficient work & don’t require many tools or Software i.e bloggers or digital marketers can use ubuntu,
ubuntu has such an environment to work completely without getting interrupted mid-day updates or lag, so, Ubuntu can be used as dual boot & may remove it after some time,
let’s now see how to uninstall & remove ubuntu from your system easily & safely with the guide to remove ubuntu boot loader,
How to Uninstall Ubuntu
first, get into disk management,
& delete all the partitions associated with ubuntu, make sure you remember, which are the ubuntu partitions,
Delete Ubuntu Grub Boot Loader Visual BCD How to Uninstall Ubuntu
you can know them by the size of the partitions, don’t delete any partition associated with your primary operating system, which in this case is Windows.
extend the deleted partitions into their original drive.
Disk Management Extend Partition How to Uninstall Ubuntu
now we must remove ubuntu boot loader, using Visual BCD, as I already used it in one of my other videos, to show how to delete Boot Entries, you can check it on my channel,
make sure to double-check, which boot loader or entry you are deleting using Visual BCD, I recommend not touching any boot entry, which you don’t know.
Delete Ubuntu Grub Boot Loader Visual BCD How to Uninstall Ubuntu
now to check, if everything is removed & working fine, just restart the system.
Restart System How to Uninstall Ubuntu
& you can see, ubuntu will be removed successfully & safely
Clean Ubuntu System How to Uninstall Ubuntu

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